Hitting the gym after a long day can really feel like a chore. Whether you’ve been busy at work or busy at home, exercising is probably furthest thing from your mind after a long, tiring day. However, dance fitness—the latest trend in the fitness community, hardly feels like work at all. In fact, it feels pretty good. Zumba, for example, is one of the most popular dance fitness classes out there. Here are several reasons why:

Body Sculpt

Zumba is a great workout for many reasons. For starters, you will burn plenty of calories during a Zumba dance session. Zumba movements (a fusion of Cuban and Latin dance rhythms) will tone and tighten muscles, specially your legs and arms. Zumba also helps develop the abdominals and can strengthen your core. You can count on Zumba to deliver a fabulous cardiovascular workout, too.

Dance Instruction

You don’t have to be a dance expert in order to reap the benefits of Zumba. No previous training or dance knowledge is required. Your instructor will demonstrate each movement slowly so you can follow along. Depending on your fitness level, your instructor can also increase or decrease the intensity of the workout through weights or repetition. You can even bring your new moves along to the next company party, wedding or any other event where there’s a dance floor.

Social Life

Many people enjoy Zumba, because group classes are incredibly fun. You can learn how to salsa dance while making new friends. Vital Steps offers several Zumba classes each month.

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