MedFit Rehab FAQs

What is MedFit Rehab (MFR)?
MFR is a medical exercise rehab clinic that offers health promotion, educator training, and chronic disease prevention and management programs based on specific individual, group, and community needs using an interdisciplinary team approach.

Who are the professionals that provide services at MFR?
The interdisciplinary team includes cardiologists, physiotherapists, medical exercise specialists, kinesiologists, oncologists, exercise physiologists, gerontologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, as well as various management and administrative staff.

Is MFR a walk-in medical clinic?
No. MFR is not a walk-in medical clinic and does not provide emergency services or ambulatory health services. Primary care and exercise prescriptions are provided only to registered MFR clients.

How long has MFR been around and how many are there?
MFR was born in Toronto, Canada in 1997. Its interdisciplinary team has been an active supporter of healthy Ontario communities for well over twenty-five years. Today MFR is housed in the Columbus Centre at 901 Lawrence Ave. West, Toronto, ON.

Are there other MFRs in Toronto?
MFR is the first medical exercise rehab clinic in the North York Region. We develop and manage numerous chronic condition prevention and management programs in the surrounding GTA.

Who manages MFR?
Our rehab exercise clinic is the one of a few operating in Canada, and part of a handful started in Toronto, ON. MFR is an incorporated for-profit company in the Vital Steps family of health companies.

Where does MFR fit in the healthcare system?
MFR is an integral part of the Ontario healthcare system. We play a significant role in providing essential chronic disease prevention and management and health promotion programming for individuals, families, and businesses while enabling them to adopt a more proactive approach.

What types of health promotion and education services do you offer?
MFR offers a variety of programs such as, diabetes and arthritis management, cancer and cardiac recovery, mental health education, youth obesity, aging adult, and women’s wellness. We are continually developing additional health promotion and education programs based on the identified needs.

Do I have to pay to receive services at MFR?
Yes. There are fees for physical assessments and customized personal and group exercise programs. Some of our programs may be eligible under OHIP, Extended Health Care, WSIB, Ontario Auto Insurers, and as a claim on your income tax. All education programs are offered free of charge.

What makes MFR different from other medical clinics?
MFR’s focussed commitment to individual, community, and global health promotion and education definitely sets us apart. The inclusion of the social determinants of health in formulating our strategic initiatives has been our priority for over twenty-five years.

My family and I don’t speak or understand English very well. Can MFR help us?
Yes. MFR makes every effort to respond to the needs of the community it serves by hiring staff that are reflective of that community and offering programs and services in relevant languages and in a culturally sensitive and respectful manner.

As a newcomer I do not have Ontario health insurance coverage yet. Can MFR help me?
Yes. MFR can provide services and support to non-insured clients at an affordable cost. For more information, please call MFR at 647-348-9150 and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

How do I become a client of MFR?
Start by calling the Centre at 647-348-9150 and speak to one of our medical representatives about your specific situation.

MFR operates at multiple levels that enable us to work with people around the world. Our health promotion and educator training can be done almost anywhere. Geographical proximity, however, is a critical factor in the success of many of our customized programs such as chronic disease prevention and management, youth obesity, and active aging. Regular, in-person contact enhances long-term adherence commitment, adherence, and success.

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