About MedFit Rehab

MedFit Rehab is a momentum changer in the field of chronic disease prevention and treatment. Our rehab clinic blends traditional clinical services with contemporary medical fitness and preventative strategies. Quite simply, we want our clients to feel better, move better, and be stronger.


Restore your strength and movement with us as we create land and water-based exercise prescriptions that are safe, viable options following diagnosis or referral from your licensed medical practitioner.

Our team of medical health care specialists will provide you with customized exercise and nutrition prescriptions. We’ll show you how to stick with your program to get healthier and stronger as you benefit from specialized protocol, design, implementation, and evaluation.

Features Overview:

  • 70,000 square foot space surrounded by nature on twelve glorious acres of parkland
  • Swimming pool (heated to wonderfully therapeutic 84 degrees F)
  • Athletic centre
  • Running track
  • Indoor squash & racquetball courts
  • Outdoor tennis courts

Amenities Overview:

  • Parking
  • Child care
  • Patio café
  • Ristorante Boccaccio
  • Art gallery
  • Event centre
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