Body after baby


After giving birth it is important for your physical and emotional health to maintain your exercise regime to stay fit and perhaps lose some baby weight. If you were not exercising regularly before baby it is never too late, however as with any exercise program, check with your physician at your post-natal visit about getting started.

Many new moms feel they just don’t have time to exercise. Don’t let the demands of being a new mother stop you from staying healthy. “You can exercise along with your baby quite easily,” proclaims Jo-Ann James, Medical Exercise Specialist and founder of Vital Steps, a north Toronto all-women’s fitness studio. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Walk with baby in a stroller
  • Gentle hiking with baby in front pouch
  • Dance with your baby in front pouch
  • Purchase in-home equipment so you can stay with baby while working out
  • Abdominal head and shoulder raises with your baby lying on your thighs
  • Press-ups with your baby lying on a rug between your hands (you can add a kiss with each rep!)
  • Enroll in a mom & baby fitness class with a certified instructor

You can go running with your baby, however, a proper jogging stroller should be used and James warns, “You should wait until the baby has established proper body and neck strength, usually by around 8 months old,” to avoid injury. Until your baby is ready to hit the road running with you, use a treadmill and let the infant watch you or sleep in a seat or swing nearby.

Every new mother wants to be the best mom they can be to their kids. The fact is you can’t do that unless you are strong and healthy. Be sure to eat right and exercise to stay well for your baby. Regular exercise is even associated with reduced incidence of post-partum depression. So exercise with your infant, you will feel better, look better and set a great example for your children.

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