Bone health


We all know that regular exercise supports our general wellbeing. Working out reduces stress, builds muscle, controls weight gain and tones or tightens our physique. However, did you know that exercise is also beneficial for our bones? By staying active we can help prevent osteoporosis and other bone density diseases. By performing simple, weight-bearing exercises, you can help preserve and improve the health of your bones.

Weight Lifting

When lifting weights, your bones will benefit whether you lift hundreds of pounds or not. Start small, build your endurance and when you’re up for the challenge, move onto heavier dumbbells.

Walking, Hiking & Running

Who doesn’t like a brisk walk after dinnertime or a hike with family and friends on a sunny day? These activities are also great examples of weight-bearing exercises that boost bone health. Wear proper running shoes and remember to bring along a bottle of water to stay hydrated on longer outings.

Racquet Sports

Do you play tennis or squash? If not, you might want to give these weight-bearing sports a try. Racquet sports are wonderful for bone development and bone strength. They’re also excellent social activities, too. You might consider joining a squash team or playing against a friend at the local tennis court.

If you already have bone density issues, it’s best to speak with your health care professional before taking on a new fitness regimen. He or she may recommend physical therapy or even a specific fitness facility to address your needs. For example, Vital Steps offers specialty classes for people with bone density concerns. These classes include exercise routines, posture work and nutritional information.

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