Boning up on nutrition


With every chair full, every wall leaned against, and cross-legged bodies sitting wherever space permitted, Cathy Hayashi of The Big Carrot did not exaggerate when she remarked, “It’s a packed house tonight.”

As part of their Thursday Night Lecture series our CEO, as well as Medical Exercise Specialist and Osteoporosis Canada Speaker, Jo-Ann James joined forces with naturopathic doctor Alexandra Triendl-Dimitriu to talk about proper nutrition and exercise for optimum bone health.

Dr. Triendl-Dimitriu says that it’s essential to take vitamin K2 with calcium to build bone and effectively manage osteoporosis since it helps the calcium deposit into the bone; in other words, K2 helps prevent calcium build-up in your arteries and puts it where it’s needed most.

Another way to preserve your body’s calcium stores is to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Juicing is an easy, effective way to do this, while also helping to alkalize the body and prevent bone loss.

Other key measures to creating and maintaining good bone health include limiting your caffeine, sugar and alcohol intake.

For more nutritional information related to osteoporosis management, feel free to contact Dr. Triendl-Dimitriu at


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