Fit on vacay


Holiday souvenirs are a nice reminder of great vacation memories. However, when the souvenir is a few extra pounds that is something most of us would rather not bring home.

In spite of the fact that those who exercise regularly swear that they feel better when they maintain their routine, many break from it while on vacation. While you may look forward to going into ‘relaxation mode,’ if you feel better when you exercise, doesn’t it make sense to keep it up while we are away?

The fact is, there is typically more time for exercise and the opportunity to try new things when you are away. Discover new moves and workouts that will enhance your holiday and bring you home fit and energized, for example:

  • A walk on the beach – works out legs more then walking on regular ground;
  • Swimming, snorkeling and surfing – total body workouts in the water;
  • Bike rides – a great way to see the area, while getting some light exercise;
  • Hikes – add elevation to your regular walk by hiking mountains and hills and carry a weighted backpack for an extra challenge;
  • Golf – skip the cart and walk the 9 or 18;
  • Tennis – challenge yourself or have a light game – either way it’s a blast;
  • Fitness Classes – many resorts offer free workout classes like aqua fit or yoga. Try something new and have fun;
  • Dance – try a local dance class  like Zumba or belly fit or shake it on a night on the town;
  • Weight Training – this may be a little harder while on vacation but weights can be subbed out for resistance bands, water bottles or body weight.

Some fitness clubs now plan active vacations for their members. Jo-Ann James of Vital Steps fitness studio in Toronto organizes such trips for her clients, “We call them Tropic Fit Trips,” James says, “The vacation is focused around exercise, fun fit activities and relaxation guided by certified personal trainers.”

Having to shed pounds and re-initiate your exercise routine when you get home only adds to the post-vacation let-down. So next vacation, don’t neglect your exercise routine, return home with great memories and the body you left with!

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