Fitness for CEO’s


The lifestyle of a busy CEO or senior level manager can be pretty hectic. Juggling workplace responsibilities, family life and travel obligations, can be a tough act. Rarely do these professionals have the time to maintain their fitness routine or monitor what they eat (especially when they’re wining and dining clients). However, even corporate executives need to pencil in a bit of “me” time now and again to focus on their health. Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for those with demanding schedules:

First off, take time to stretch. In between client calls or appointments, get up out of your seat and extend your limbs. Move your arms and legs in steady, continuous motions. Feel free to use small weights or dumbbells to increase intensity. Also, if you have the space, invest in a balance ball or yoga mat. These tools can be very helpful for modifying your movements or creating some diversity within your exercise regimen.

Second, hire a personal trainer. Many busy managers work along side personal trainers to stay motivated and focused on their fitness goals. Whether you are going to be working out at a fitness facility, in the privacy of your home or while you are traveling, your personal trainer can develop an exercise program to address your specific needs and lifestyle.

Finally, work with a nutritionist to plan out easy and healthy meals for the week. He or she can also teach you about proper nutritional habits, too. Even if you’re on the road, knowing how to make smarter food choices can be extremely beneficial for your health.

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