Stress management


Everyone responds to stress in his or her own way. Some people excel under pressure and perform better in stressful environments. Other people shut down when the heat is on or have trouble managing minor tasks if they are feeling the crunch. Whether you experiencing pressure at home or on the job, learning how to effectively manage your stress levels can be beneficial for both your emotional and physical health.

Stress manifests in our bodies in a variety of ways. Oftentimes, it’s hard to spot.

In some cases, mood disorders like anxiety, irritability or depression could be symptoms of stress. Other signs include insomnia, weakness or general fatigue. More debilitating symptoms include headache, upset stomach, back pain, sore muscles and even high blood pressure.

Need some help managing the stress in your life? Here are several options for effectively combating stress:


Many people find it helpful to talk through their stress triggers with a professional. By identifying our stressors, we can better anticipate and cope with strenuous situations.


Not everyone who suffers from stress will require medication. However, for some, medication might be a necessary aid to manage severe stress and anxiety effectively.

Deep Breathing

By taking a few moments to focus on breathing deeply and clearing our minds, we give our bodies a break from external or internal pressures. Meditation and yoga are also examples of deep breathing exercises for combating stress.


Exercise allows us to release tension and vent frustrations while maintaining physical fitness. When we work out we also release mood-boosting endorphins, too.

In addition to these methods, you can also decrease your stress levels by eating right, drinking plenty of water and getting sufficient sleep.

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