The benefits of mommy & baby fitness


It can be a real challenge for new moms to stay in shape. However, many fitness facilities and wellness centres now offer mommy and baby exercise classes. There are several reasons why mommy and baby fitness is so beneficial. Here are just a few of them:


Postnatal baby weight and hormonal fluctuations can certainly take a toll on new moms. Regular physical fitness can help combat these issues. Mommy and baby fitness classes give moms the opportunity to focus on toning and tightening after they’ve given birth. Working out also releases mood-boosting endorphins that can help address hormonal imbalances or even postpartum depression.


In addition to the physical benefits, mommy and baby fitness classes offer plenty of emotional benefits, too. These classes give new moms the opportunity to bond with their child outside of the home. Therapeutic touch, fun movements and even group songs can have a positive effect on your little boy or girl.

Personal Time

We all know that new moms are incredibly busy. Mommy and baby fitness classes enable new moms to take just a little bit of time out of their hectic days and focus on their health as well as the health of their children.

Social Network

Group exercises classes are great places to meet other people with similar interests or challenges. By participating in mommy and baby fitness classes, new moms can network make new friends.

At Vital Steps, mommy and baby fitness classes are one of their most popular offerings, specifically their Stroller Step Program. This program targets abs, strengthens your core and even gives you a great cardiovascular workout, too.

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